Friday, June 14, 2013

Comerica Park - Detroit

Comerica Park has been open for 13 years now, but I have somehow never been there. I remember going to the old Tiger's Stadium once when I was younger with my best friends and their Dad. Although I'm more of a hockey person, I was excited to go to a game and see the Field.
Aerial Picture from @jjthomas06 on twitter
 We spent the first part of the game in our seats, which had a great view of the whole field along with the Detroit Skyline and Ford Field. The game wasn't too bad either with Verlander at the mound (we won!). The second half of the game, we walked around to see the rest of the Park and watch the game from different vantage points. The game can be watched from anywhere in the Park, which I thought was great. It still looks very new. It reminded me a bit of the new Florida Marlin's Field - the skyline, the great views of the game.
Our view at Comerica Park

Panorama from @zinfandel601 on twitter

There was a lot to explore at Comerica - the Baseball Ferris Wheel for the kids and the all-Tiger Carousel.

Tiger Carousel picture from nurse_marbles on flickr, Baseball Ferris Wheel by me!

The fan shop was huge and fun to walk around. There even appeared to be a nice sit-down restaurant where you can eat and watch the game. My favorite part was the Michigan craft brew area. They had a bunch of beers from Michigan Microbrews, and specialty snacks like Bacon on a stick.

Michigan Craft Beer List

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