Sunday, July 28, 2013

Miller's Bar - Dearborn

Miller's Bar Deaborn
Miller's Bar is a place that you would probably pass if you didn't know it was there.  It is an old bar that hasn't really changed much since 1941.  Everything is on the honor system - eat and drink as much as you'd like, and then tell the bartender what you had before you leave.  Their menu is very simple since there isn't one.  You simply order a hamburger, done to your liking, and ask for cheese or raw onion if you'd like it.  Fries or Onion rings.  Mustard, Ketchup, and a jar of pickles are on the table.  That's it!  People who love Miller's say that this is how a burger should be instead of dressing it up with sauces and lots of toppings.  The place was packed when I went there, and it took about 20 minutes to get our burgers and fries.  Oh!  One other thing - it's so simple, they don't even give you a plate.  They just bring it out in paper.  The fries were just fine - not hand-cut or anything like that.  I didn't have a beer, but the sizes looked a bit small.

The Grill
I actually found a menu online which shows that they DO have a few more items that you can get.  They certainly don't advertise that, though.

Food on Wax Paper
I think that Miller's is charming and you should go at least once.  The Bar's quirkiness is what makes it fun to visit.  The waitress was very nice, although the bartender was a bit prickly (aren't they usually, though?).  However, I think that you can get a burger like that anywhere. At $18 + tip for 2 burgers, 2 pops (no refills), and 1 fry, I think that this is a bit overpriced.  Oh yes, and cash only! 


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