Sunday, June 9, 2013

Motor City Casino - Detroit

We got a free room during a promotion at the Motor City Casino in Detroit.  We were really excited to play some penny slots and have a good night's sleep in the room.  One thing that we loved about our stay was the free parking and free shuttle down to the Tiger's game.  That was so much easier than finding parking close to the field.
Motor City Casino - picture from their website

Inside the casino, there are lots of light displays and nice decorations - similar to the exterior of the building!  It was a little tricky to find two slot machines next to each other since it was so busy on Friday.  They have a small non-smoking slot area which is nice.  They also have live bands playing throughout the night.  We like the penny slots because they are pretty relaxed and you can get in lots of people watching.  One of our favorites is the Big Buck Hunter game - which has an arcade-style bonus round.  There's fine dining, buffet, or a food court for when you get hungry.  We tried the Little Ceasar's Pizza at night and the buffet in the morning.  The pizza must have been sitting there for a long time, and was pretty much inedible.  The buffet in the morning was good and had a nice variety, especially for just $10.  Although, some of the pancakes and biscuits were pretty hard.   I also thought that the coffee was awful.  They do have an omelet station which is always fun!

Chrysler Imperial Limo in the Lobby

I think that one really nice part about the casino is the staff.  Everyone is very friendly and helpful.  Even the shuttle driver was super friendly.

The hotel portion of the casino has a very calm and spa-like feel.  The bathroom was huge and very calming.  They provided very nice toiletries from their spa, a huge soaking tub, and a huge shower.  The room was pretty quiet (although I think that a little more sound-proofing would have been nice).  The bed was really soft and comfy.

The room in Motor City Casino

Overall, it was a great night and a great stay.  We really enjoyed the entire experience.  I especially recommend going there before a sports game instead of trying to park downtown.  Just make sure you have your player's card - this can take a few minutes to stand in line and register if you don't have one already.  You go to the end of the casino and scan your card to get a free ticket to get on the shuttle.  Easy!

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