Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Henry Ford Museum - Dearborn

The Henry Ford Museum displays America at its finest.  Not only do they have an impressive array of automobiles, they also have power generation machines from every era, trains, planes, and art.  I love walking through museums like this because there is always so much to look at and learn about.  At the same time, everything seems familiar, and you don't have to think too hard about it.  The Henry Ford includes The Museum, Greenfield Village, and the IMAX theater.

We went during The Maker Faire, which happens yearly, and invites people who "make things" to display the things they make.  This can include anything from robots to fashion.  There were so many displays there, it was almost overwhelming.  They had great interactive demonstrations for kids, some food carts, and some stands where you could even purchase your own science kits.  Admission to the Faire included all of the displays outside, all of the displays inside, as well as the normal museum displays.

The Henry Ford Museum Maker Faire 2013 - DETROIT Industrial Art - My Favorite Display

The Henry Ford Museum - Maker Faire Entrance

The Henry Ford Museum

The main hallway at The Henry Ford with a large DC-3 aircraft
3-D Printers were all over the place at the 2013 Maker Faire!  They had some demos, and showed lots of interesting applications.  It really seems like 3D printers will be a large part of manufacturing in the future.

3-D Printer at 2013 Henry Ford Maker Faire
Finished Products! 3-D Printed vases at the 2013 Henry Ford Maker Faire
Among the Maker Faire displays were the normal displays.  The old power generators are huge, and very interesting to view.

Power Generator at The Henry Ford Museum
I love the American Home section of The Henry Ford.  You can see what a typical American household would look like during different eras.  This particular section has the history of stoves.  Before the auto industry, Michigan was the stove capital of the world.

Stove Display at The Henry Ford Museum
Of course, there is a world-class auto display here at the museum.

Vehicle Display at The Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum - 1931 Bugatti Royale (Bugatti Type 41)

The Henry Ford Museum - Teddy Roosevelt's Presidential Horse Drawn Buggy

The Henry Ford Museum - President FDR's "Sunshine Special" Presidential Limo

The Henry Ford Museum - The Presidential Limousine that President John F Kennedy was assassinated in.

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