Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Calder Dairy and Farm - Carleton

Calder's Dairy Farm is a great place to hang around with family or friends.  Stop into their little store for Ice Cream made from their own dairy.  Or, grab some of your favorite Calder's Products (Milk, Butter, etc).  They have a larger creamery in Lincoln Park, but this is their farm in Carleton.  They are open 7 days a week, so it is very convenient.  9334 Finzel Rd, Carleton MI, 48117

Calder Dairy in Carleton

In addition to their store and dairy cows, they have lots of other animals to look at.  You can walk around the farm for free!

Calder Dairy in Carleton - Peacock

Goat Feed is $2.50, and it's a great opportunity to teach your kids about animals.  The Goats seem eager to eat!  You can purchase duck/goose food for the same price to feed the ducks in the pond.

Calder Dairy in Carleton - Feeding the Goats

There are lots of chickens walking around (and eggs are for sale inside the store as well!).

Calder Dairy in Carleton - Rooster

Here are some of their dairy cows having a snack.

Calder Dairy in Carleton - Cows

A good view of their barn and silos.  It is a bit muddy right now due to the spring.

Calder Dairy in Carleton - Country Store

The pigs don't mind the mud, though.

Calder Dairy in Carleton - Pig

The goats don't care about much as long as you have food for them.

Calder Dairy in Carleton - Goats

Here's the little store inside!  You can get scooped ice cream or take it home.  I HIGHLY recommend the Butter Pecan or Blue Moo.

Calder Dairy in Carleton - Country Store
Here's my order - Ice Cream, Chocolate Milk, Half and Half, Butter, Eggs, and Natural Creamline Milk.  Their website states that their milk is hormone and rSBT free.  They only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary, and their milk is homogenized at the lowest possible temperature - which keeps the enzymes, good bacteria, and flavor in tact.

Calder Dairy in Carleton - Country Store

Their products are available in many stores in Southeast Michigan.  They also offer old-fashioned home delivery for a small fee.  More information can be found on their website.  

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