Friday, June 27, 2014

Palate - Milford

Palate is a restaurant in downtown Milford, which is a great place to walk around, shop, and have a bite to eat.  Palate is a cute place to stop during your day.

Palate Milford Michigan

The decor inside and out is really great.  They even have a nice patio with umbrellas.  

Palate Milford Michigan

The bar area is also nicely decorated.  Additionally, they have a very impressive collection of craft beers on tap.  I must say that was one of the best parts of the restaurants.

Palate Milford Michigan

This is the turkey tenderloin sandwich with sweet potato fries.  The turkey sandwich is nice, but the star of the show is definitely the fries!  They are fantastic.

Palate Turkey Sandwich Milford Michigan

Here are the "Michigan Reuben" and "Steak Burger" sliders. I liked the fact that the little buns were grilled.  The reuben had lots of flavor and was definitely worth the $3.

Palate Sliders Milford Michigan

The Steak Slider, however, was rather disappointing.  The burger was much smaller than the bun, and it also had nothing on it.  Ketchup and Mustard were never brought out, either.  I think that a garlic mayo or even a simple slice of onion would really make this less disappointing. ((The honey mustard on the plate was from my friend's fries.) I would not get this slider again.

Palate Sliders Milford Michigan

The salad greens were very fresh, and the tomatoes were very flavorful.  The blue cheese dressing was a bit bland, and I didn't really taste any blue cheese at all.  Next time, I would try a different dressing!  On the plate, you will see a green tomato.  I thought that it was very pretty and great tasting. 

Palate Salad Milford Michigan

Overall, I think that Palate is a nice place to stop for lunch or dinner.  I think that they could make a few improvements that would make the restaurant even better!  The decorations are fantastic, beer selection is impressive, and the waitresses were nice.  

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