Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Good Hart

It is early November, and the trees are starting to drop the last of their beautiful fall leaves. We purchased a new snow blower this weekend in preparation for another rough winter.  We are expecting higher than average snow and low temperatures again here in Michigan but not quite as "persistent" as last year.  We'll see!  The summer was very mild with lots of rain, and I am already missing it!

We took a number of trips this summer, and I am just now catching up with my posts.  I'd like to write about a very special place to me - Good Hart, Michigan.  My Aunt and Uncle purchased a cottage there 20 years ago, and we have been visiting ever since.  I even posted a few throwback pictures when Lake Michigan froze on a previous blog post.  

Good Hart Michigan Sunset - Lake Michigan

Good Hart is a small town along the "Tunnel Of Trees" or M-119.  It is a scenic highway along Lake Michigan.  As you wind along the road, you catch beautiful views of the lake, but the amazing part is the trees.  You truly feel like you are in a tunnel of tall trees, which is really unlike any other highway in the state.  

Tunnel of Trees - M-119 - Good Hart Michigan

When we first starting visiting Good Hart, there was only one store - the Good Hart General Store.  They have pretty much everything you need inside - even a post office.  In the back is a deli with fresh made sandwiches and things like potato salad.  Their bakery is amazing, and pumps out fresh bread, pies, and cookies all day long.  The owners and their family are all so nice and friendly.  They get to know everyone that stops by their wonderful shop.  My all time favorites are the Raspberry Pie, Chocolate Chip cookies, and the Swiss Rye bread.

Good Hart General Store

Inside the Good Hart General Store

Good Hart General Store Post Office

Fresh Baked items at the Good Hart General Store

Raspberry Pie - Good Hart General Store

As the years went by, some other small shops cropped up near the Good Hart Store.  My favorite addition is the Primitives Images.  Anything from coasters to a bedroom set, this place has everything you need for a rustic cabin.  In the back of the store, they have some women's clothes and jewelry along with a small coffee and tea shop.  They even have Yoga classes during the summer.

Primitive Images Rustics - Good Hart Michigan

Primitive Images - Good Hart Michigan

Primitive Images Tea and Coffee Shop - Good Hart Michigan

Primitive Images Lavender Iced Tea - Good Hart Michigan
Another great addition is the Crepe Cart.  Sweet or savory crepes, this little food truck has some great options.  You can even create your own!

Northern Crepes - Good Hart Michigan

Savory Crepe - Northern Crepes - Good Hart Michigan

Another good stop to make in Good Hart is the St Ignatius Church.  They have a very limited mass schedule, and are closed during the winter.  Although the masses are few and far between, the church is open daily for visiting at 10 am. There are rows of white crosses, some marked and some unmarked.   There is a very nice boardwalk and beach access behind the church.  

St Ignatius Church - Good Hart Michigan

St Ignatius Church - Good Hart Michigan

St Igantius Church - Good Hart Michigan

St Ignatius Church - Good Hart Michigan

Be sure to stop by Good Hart when you drive the tunnel of trees.  The area is rich in Native American and other history, and is filled with people who love their little town.  Grab a bite to eat, browse the shops, and stop by the local historic church.  One of my favorite places in the world!

Good Hart Store:,_Welcome.html

Primitive Images:

Northern Crepes:

St Ignatius Church:  

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