Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cheese House - Pinconning

True story - my first word was "cheese."  I was born with a love of cheese, so you better believe I'd stop at a HOUSE of cheese on my way up north.

Cheese House - Pinconning Michigan - I75

The Cheese House is located right off I-75 in Pinconning.  It has a great variety of snacks and beverages for all of your Up North needs.  My Aunt swears by their Cheese Bread.  They also have a selection of Michigan Wines.

Inside House of Cheese - Pinconning

Of course - they have cheese.  Lots of it.  Let me be clear - they won't have artisan cheeses like Bellavitano, think more along the lines of Aged Cheddar in huge wheels, Win Scheuler's style cheese spread, or a solid Pepper Jack.

Cheese - House of Cheese - Pinconning

They also have some really great Smoked Fish and Whitefish Dip.  To me, their version is cut with a lot of Sour Cream/Cream Cheese stuff - so you get a very creamy dip as opposed to being heavily loaded with fish.  It is wonderful, and may be your style depending on how you like your fish dip.  I like it creamy OR loaded with fish - I'll take what I can get when it comes to whitefish dip.

Pinconning Smoked Fish

The decor isn't too bad either.

Decor inside Pinconning Cheese House

I don't know - but it's at the Cheese House

Pinconning Cheese House is a great little stop!  Here's my favorite combo - Jerky Sticks, Cheese Curds, and Whitefish Dip.  Perfect!  http://www.pinconningcheesehouse.com/

House of Cheese - Pinconning - Cheese Curds, Jerky, Smoked Whitefish Dip

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