Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Chippewa and Pink Pony - Mackinac Island

This is our second post for Mackinac Island Week!  

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Day Two: The Chippewa and Pink Pony
Day Three: Hiking - Mackinac Island
Day Four: The Woods - Mackinac Island
Day Five: Chianti at Mission Point Resort - Mackinac Island

Last Summer, I stayed overnight on Mackinac Island for the first time ever.  This is shocking since I have been there so many times.  I am surprised that I hadn't stayed there sooner!  Let me tell you - The Island is completely different at night.  For my first stay, I chose The Chippewa.  I figured it would be close to the action, convenient, and the price was reasonable.  I got the street-view as opposed to the water-view, and no balcony.  The room was nice and clean, and the front desk was incredibly friendly and helpful.  The rooms were also a bit more updated than you would find elsewhere on the old fashioned island.  I would definitely stay there again.  They provide luggage service, so don't be silly like us and take your bags on the ferry yourselves and wheel them all the way down to the hotel.  I also really liked the Lilac Tree Toiletries that were provided.  (The Lilac Tree is another hotel on the island, known for their great smelling toiletries, and owned by the same company.)

The attached Restaurant/Bar is one of the most popular on the island, and it's easy to see why.  Great food, great drinks, great atmosphere - The Pink Pony.  The first night we were there, we stayed for drinks.

Pink Pony - The Chippewa - Mackinac Island

Pink Pony - The Chippewa - Mackinac Island

Pink Pony - The Chippewa - Mackinac Island

The next morning, we had an amazing view of the harbor while we enjoyed breakfast outside.  This is separate from the bar section.

View From Pink Pony - The Chippewa - Mackinac Island

The skillet was great.   The eggs benedict,  though - those were AMAZING!

Eggs Benedict - Pink Pony - The Chippewa - Mackinac Island

Breakfast Skillet -  Pink Pony - The Chippewa - Mackinac Island

It was also very convenient that Doud's Market (http://www.doudsmarket.com/) was right across the street.  Doud's is open year round on the island.  They have everything that you need including groceries.  They also have a great pre-made sandwich section that is convenient to get before you go out riding/hiking around the island.  If you don't mind standing in line, they will make you fresh custom sandwiches.

The Chippewa is a great place to stay - not just for the location, price, food, and bar, but also for the outstanding customer service.

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