Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fog in Michigan

As the weather warms up here in Michigan (although likely temporary), we are experiencing some beautiful snowy fog!  Here is a beautiful foggy picture of the Ren Cen from Blackburn News in Canada:

We have also gone back into the archives to find you some other spectacular pictures of Michigan Fog.

Here are two beautiful pictures from Thimbee Photography:

A foggy Mackinac Bridge from Michigan Nut Photography

Michigan Nut Photography: Michigan Bridges &emdash; Mackinac Bridge in heavy fog

Another beautiful picture at dawn by Michigan Nut Photography:

Michigan Nut Photography: Winter in Michigan &emdash; "Foggy Forest Dawn" Lower Michigan Winter

Finally, here is a beautiful video from last year showing a huge fog cloud rolling in over Lake Michigan, from youtuber Ken Temple.

Have you had much fog in your area?  Share your pictures here!